Common Web Optimization Mistakes

on May 30th, 2014 by admin

Owning a website means you need traffic in order to be successful. Using the search engines is the easiest way to find the most amount of traffic, though it isn’t as easy as it may seem. In order to gain exposure in a website you must incorporate chicago seo services into your website. Search engine optimization involves using keyword-specific information on your website, in articles and blogs, on social media sites, etc. These keywords are attained by learning what a consumer searches for in the search engine. Many tools can help find these keywords, some of which are free of charge. Combined with plenty of marketing and promotion you are all set to find yourself sitting high within the pages of the search engine. But something is wrong. You have optimized your website and still aren’t getting traffic! What is going wrong? There are numerous reasons why your website may not be getting the clicks that you hoped for. Here are a few common mistakes made when optimizing a website.

Wrong Keywords and Phrases

Sometimes people assume they know the right keywords when, in fact, they’re using all of the wrong terms. The wrong keywords will not land the traffic or results you’re trying to maintain. You should select one keyword to target toward your website as well as a few secondary keywords or keyphrases as well. When the right keywords are chosen you will gain a valuable following and tremendous traffic.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords used repetitively are used by some black hat SEO’ers out there, though this is highly frowned upon and in the end can be a costly trick to pull. Keyword stuffing is what it is called, and those who stuff web content, articles, blogs and other content with keywords are considered spammers. It could lead to a ban of your website!

Uninteresting/Poorly Written Content

No one wants to visit a site and find themselves bored or uninterested when they click on your site. It should captivate them from the moment they arrive. Along with providing content that is well optimized with keywords, ensure that you provide informative articles, blogs and postings that customers can gain from. Make sure all of the content is well-written without spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Additionally it should be something targeting your audience. With great content you can attain high rankings in all of the major search engines!

Poorly Designed Site

It doesn’t matter if you offer the best deal anywhere on the net for that new and impressive smartphone, if your website is not designed attractively with easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate features you are not going to get the customers and business that you want. If an individual lands on your site and quickly returns to the search results chances are they do not like what they see. Consider hiring a professional web designer to help you out. A professional looking site is essential in building your reputation!